Self-Cleaning Glass

  • Sunclean


SunClean® Self-Cleaning Glass lets you spend less time cleaning your windows – while giving you a clearer view at the same time.

SunClean self-cleaning technology features a durable, transparent coating that is bonded to the outer surface of the glass during the manufacturing process. The coating utilizes two natural resources - the sun’s ultraviolet rays and water - to slowly decompose and loosen organic dirt and then rinse it away. This two-part action is why SunClean self-cleaning glass is easier to clean.


When ordinary windows with traditional glass get wet, the water beads up, concentrating the dirt into spots or streaks. SunClean uses the sun’s UV rays to help break down and loosen dirt. It also causes water to spread out over the surface of the glass - not bead up. As the window begins to dry, sheeting action helps rinse dirt from the surface and speeds drying time. When it’s completely dry, the window will have very little spotting or streaking.


You want to enjoy your home, so consider choosing SunClean self-cleaning glass for a clearer view – and a lot less work.

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