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How to Use the Alside Visualizer for Your Exterior Renovation

Exterior renovations are long-term investments that require careful planning and visualization before the work can commence. Our visualizer tool can help ensure the siding, windows and doors you choose will all work together to complete the look you want.   “[The Alside Visualizer] was fun and interactive and you could play with all the different options . It really helped me […]

3 Benefits of ENERGY STARⓇ Windows and Doors

To make home improvement purchase decisions easier, look for the ENERGY STARⓇ label when shopping for new or replacement windows and doors. ENERGY STAR-certified products meet strict energy-efficient criteria to benefit your family, home and the environment. Here are three significant benefits of investing in ENERGY STAR-certified products: 1. Energy Savings ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors can help reduce your energy bill, saving […]

Home Window Trends for 2024

As we prepare to step into 2024, the world of windows is witnessing a vibrant transformation, blending aesthetics with functionality. Homeowners are expected to lean towards window trends that elevate the visual appeal of their spaces while contributing to sustainability and intelligent living. Let’s explore the window trends shaping the architectural landscape this year. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency A […]

Alside Charter Oak is a Consumer Reports Best Buy for Siding!

For the first time in more than a decade, Consumer Reports (CR) conducted testing of siding products to find the highest quality offering at the best price. Alside Charter Oak was among 10 products tested in the Siding program and rated on multiple criteria such as temperature impact, wind and color change. The unbiased ratings were based on satisfaction […]

6 Energy-Saving Home Upgrades

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental concerns and rising energy costs, homeowners are seeking ways to make their homes more energy-efficient. From alternative energy options to smart home systems, here are six energy-saving upgrades worth considering for your home: 1. Alternative Energy Options Using solar or wind power can significantly reduce reliance on traditional energy […]

How to Match Siding and Shutters

  Installing or updating shutters on your home is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal. After you’ve chosen your dream shutter style, which could range from a traditional louvered panel or an artsy cut-out design, the next step is choosing a shutter color that truly complements your siding. […]