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How to Match Siding and Shutters


Installing or updating shutters on your home is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal. After you’ve chosen your dream shutter style, which could range from a traditional louvered panel or an artsy cut-out design, the next step is choosing a shutter color that truly complements your siding.

Find out how to match your siding and shutters with these tips:

Popular Shutter Colors

Classic black or white shutters continue to be most popular. Black adds elegance, while white adds a simple and clean look. However, using shutters as a way to convey your personal style is becoming increasingly popular. Matching your shutters with the color of your door can give your home a unified yet unique look. When you update the color of your door, simply repaint your shutters.

When considering other color combinations, keep some basic rules in mind. If you wish to use complementary colors, view the siding color as the “base,” then look at the color on the opposite side of where it would sit on a color wheel. For example, a complementary color to blue would be orange. In this case, the orange would really stand out as a focal point. Conversely, you could simply select a lighter or darker shade of your siding’s color to create a more monochromatic feel. Here are some other ideas for color palettes.

Take a Look Outside

As part of your research, take a walk around your neighborhood to find shutter and siding combinations that catch your eye. Then, when looking at color swatches and samples, be sure to go outside and hold them up to your house. Natural light will help demonstrate how it will appear on your home, both in bright sunlight and on cloudy days.

Shutter Colors for White Siding 

For white siding, in particular, nearly endless options exist because the base color is so versatile. Select a neutral color such as black, charcoal, gray or browns for a modern feel. Be bright and bold with vibrant colors such as yellows, rich blues, oranges or reds. Alternatively, light-colored shutters such as periwinkle, robin egg blue, or a soft yellow can create a stunning classic look, ideal for traditional homes. Consider carrying the colors to the porch with matching planters or cushions and pillows on patio furniture.

Shutter Colors for Beige Siding 

Black and white shutters pair perfectly with beige siding, making the shutters a focal point. However, white shutters paired with white trim can make your windows and house look more prominent. If you want to step away from a traditional style, consider dark forest green or deep navy blue shutters.

Shutter Colors for Colorful Siding 

White is always a good choice for colorful homes, especially lighter-colored houses that are pale blue or yellow. If you want to go for something different, choose a shutter color a couple of shades lighter or darker than your siding color. This will create a monochromatic look that is subtle yet sophisticated.

No matter what color combination you choose for your home, let your personality shine!