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The Difference Between Shake, Scallop and Shingle Siding

Bring your home exterior design ideas to life with the charming effect of shake, scallop and shingle siding. These Architectural Classics can add artistic detail, texture and dimension as a whole-home exterior or decorative accent. Learn the difference among these three distinct specialty siding options to help achieve a custom look.

1. Shake Siding

Enjoy the realistic, rich grain look of hand-split cedar with a rough-sawn texture. Split along the grain, shakes are deeply textured, giving the appearance of cedar that has naturally weathered over the years. Staggered shakes replicate the craftsmanship of early settlers in the Eastern and Northern United States who split cedar into planks to help protect their homes from the weather.

2. Scallop Siding

Transform your home exterior with pristine rows of rounded curves that add character and charm. The shadow line of Architectural Scallops adds drama and visual dimension. This specialty siding is best suited for gables, dormer windows and other accent areas.

3. Shingle Siding

The Architectural Perfection Shingle is a modern take on the classic cedar shingle homes that lined the cobblestone streets of Boston in the 1800s. Shingle siding combines clean lines with the deep texture of shakes. The naturally-textured surface and edge of the Perfection Shingle will never need to be painted or stained and will never warp or split.

Alside Architectural Classics

Alside combines ageless craftsmanship with modern technology to give homeowners easy-care elegance that does not succumb to the elements. Nearly 100 authentic molds from authentic cedar shakes and shingles pay tribute to classic artisan style without the upkeep. Each panel is complete with a resilient, weatherable, and fade-resistant finish.

Learn more about Alside Architectural Classics, and see how shakes, shingles and scallops can look on your home with the Alside Visualizer.