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Bay Windows Vs. Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to enhancing your home’s architectural appeal, bay and bow windows are two great options that allow for more light and visual interest. But how do they differ? Let’s explore the differences between these styles in terms of design, practical considerations and application to help you make an informed decision for your home. 1. Design and Configuration Bay windows typically […]

What You Need to Know About High-Performance Insulated Glass Packages

One of the most significant building products advances in recent years has been the development of high-performance insulated glass packages for windows and doors. These innovative solutions can enhance the comfort of your home and contribute to substantial energy savings. Among these, ClimaTech PriME stands out as a remarkable choice. ClimaTech PriME: An ENERGY STAR® Champion One of the most […]

ENERGY STAR® Updates for Windows & Sliding Patio Doors

In case you missed it, the ENERGY STAR® program has introduced significant updates to further promote energy-efficient solutions! In this blog, we explore those changes, the Inflation Reduction Act, eligible tax credits and Alside’s new and innovative argon glass packages for select windows and sliding patio doors. 2023 ENERGY STAR 7.0 Program Changes ENERGY STAR has raised the bar for energy-efficient products in 2023. Windows and sliding patio […]

Alside Consumer Insights: Purchasing Windows

Alside recently conducted a national survey in collaboration with The Harris Poll® to gain valuable insights into the consumer window purchasing experience. Let’s delve into four key consumer insights from more than 1,300 American homeowners. 1. Enhancing Energy Efficiency When it comes to window replacement, homeowners prioritize enhancing energy efficiency. Thirty-six percent of respondents selected energy efficiency as their primary motivation. Alside […]

4 Reasons to Invest in Energy-Efficient Windows

When it comes to creating a comfortable and cost-effective living space, don’t overlook your windows! These unsung heroes are vital to home energy efficiency, impacting household expenses and your home’s value. In this blog, we’ll explore four compelling reasons homeowners should invest in energy-efficient windows. 1. Lowering Energy Bills By opting for ENERGY STAR® certified windows, households can […]

What is Window Glazing and Why is it Important?

Replacement windows are an investment that can add beauty and functionality to your home. Consider such things as quality craftsmanship, maintenance and style. Modern windows can offer levels of window glazing and glass packages for improved performance to benefit the homeowner. What is Window Glazing? Window glazing is a term used to describe the layers of glass within […]

3 Benefits of ENERGY STARⓇ Windows and Doors

To make home improvement purchase decisions easier, look for the ENERGY STARⓇ label when shopping for new or replacement windows and doors. ENERGY STAR-certified products meet strict energy-efficient criteria to benefit your family, home and the environment. Here are three significant benefits of investing in ENERGY STAR-certified products: 1. Energy Savings ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors can help reduce your energy bill, saving […]

Home Window Trends for 2024

As we prepare to step into 2024, the world of windows is witnessing a vibrant transformation, blending aesthetics with functionality. Homeowners are expected to lean towards window trends that elevate the visual appeal of their spaces while contributing to sustainability and intelligent living. Let’s explore the window trends shaping the architectural landscape this year. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency A […]