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3 Benefits of ENERGY STARⓇ Windows and Doors

To make home improvement purchase decisions easier, look for the ENERGY STARⓇ label when shopping for new or replacement windows and doors. ENERGY STAR-certified products meet strict energy-efficient criteria to benefit your family, home and the environment. Here are three significant benefits of investing in ENERGY STAR-certified products:

1. Energy Savings

ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors can help reduce your energy bill, saving you money. Less energy consumption also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your family’s carbon footprint. For greater energy savings, invest in an insulated glass package for your ENERGY STAR-certified windows.

2. Increased Home Comfort 

ENERGY STAR high-performance windows and doors help maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round. These energy-efficient windows and doors can make your home feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer to increase your at-home comfort.

3. UV Protection

Most ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors have a low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coating, which reflects harmful UV rays without restricting light. The Low-E coating can help prevent floors, drapes and valuables from fading.

Alside windows and insulated glass packages meet strict ENERGY STAR performance requirements in all U.S. climate zones. Use the Alside Visualizer to view Alside window styles on your home.