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4 Common Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years as a low-maintenance, durable, affordable and sustainable building material. We’re here to debunk some common myths to show that vinyl siding is worth the hype:

1. Myth: Vinyl Siding Reduces the Value of Your Home

As awareness builds around the benefits of vinyl siding, this type of cladding can increase the value of your home and reward homeowners with a high return on investment. A 2022 NARI report revealed that vinyl siding has a Recovered Cost Percentage of 82%, up 20% from 2019.

2. Myth: Vinyl Siding Warps and Buckles

When installed by a qualified professional, vinyl siding will not warp or buckle. Vinyl siding will naturally expand and contract as the seasons change, as it is designed to do.

3. Myth: Vinyl Siding is Difficult to Recycle 

Vinyl siding is one of the most recyclable materials in the home building industry. In the manufacturing process, there is less than 1% waste. At the end of its lifetime, up to 99% of vinyl siding can be recycled to make more vinyl siding. PVC manufacturers can also use vinyl siding scraps to make composite decking, patio furniture and vinyl windows.

4. Myth: Vinyl Siding is Not Environmentally-Friendly

Vinyl siding has less impact on the environment than other cladding products, with 79% less impact than fiber cement and 85% less impact than brick and mortar. Since vinyl does not require painting, staining or caulking, it does not release harmful chemicals into the environment, thanks to minimal upkeep. Along with its sustainability and impressive energy efficiency, vinyl siding is one of the most ideal cladding products on the market.

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