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Alside Predicts 2024 Siding Color of the Year

Alside’s color specialists have commissioned a national survey and unveiled a growing preference for light-colored siding in the coming year. For the second year in a row, The Harris Poll® conducted a national survey on behalf of Alside, revealing that off-white/cream has once again secured the top spot as the preferred siding color.

Forty percent of American homeowners expressed a strong inclination toward neutral shades, should they opt to refresh their home exteriors in 2024. Off-white strikes a harmonious balance between sophistication, adaptability, and contemporary allure, making it a top choice for homeowners across the country.

2024 Siding Color Trends

The top five siding colors revealed in the survey highlight a primarily neutral color palette that stands the test of time:

  • Off-white/cream (16% of respondents)
  • Light gray (15%)
  • White (14%)
  • Light brown (11%)
  • Medium blue (9%)

When queried about their preferences for selecting an exterior color, homeowners highlighted several pivotal considerations. Alongside their desire for a classic aesthetic, they also cited:

  • Cost (35%)
  • Availability (23%)
  • Their spouse or significant other will pick (21%)
  • Based on something I saw in a magazine/home improvement show (20%)

Alside Color Offering

Alside offers a wide range of colors for homeowners planning to build or renovate in 2024. Backed by fade-resistant protection, Alside siding can help your home remain beautiful and durable for years to come.

Alside Visualizer

Try out the Alside Visualizer to see how different siding color trends would look on your home, or get in touch with an Alside designer today. We can help ensure your siding, windows, and doors go well together to create the look you’re aiming for!