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Common Siding Terminology You Need to Know

Batten, beaded, Dutch and clapboard… When shopping for new or replacement siding, you will likely encounter many unfamiliar terms. To help you navigate your search for the right siding for your home, we’ve compiled a list of common siding terminology and their meanings.

Board and Batten CloseupBatten

A batten is a thin strip of wood that covers the joints between siding boards. Board and batten is a popular siding style of vertical boards and battens, often used to achieve a modern farmhouse aesthetic.


Close up of Beaded SidingBeaded Vinyl Siding

Beaded vinyl siding has a distinct shadow line caused by a deep ‘v-groove’ that runs along the bottom of the siding panel. The beaded seam emphasizes the lines of the siding, creating a classic look.


Close up for ClapboardClapboard

Clapboard, also known as ‘lap siding,’ is a term used to describe classic horizontal siding. Clapboard siding is thicker along one edge, so each board can slightly overlap the panel below.


Close up of Dutch LapDutch Lap

Dutch lap siding is a traditional variation of clapboard with a slightly concaved face. Each plank looks distinctive, arching out and down with a ‘notch’ at the top to allow for overlap. These notches used to be hand carved into each wood plank, but you can achieve the same look with modern vinyl siding.



Example of ExposureExposure

Exposure is how visible a siding plank is after installation. Exposure differs from the height of the siding plank because it deducts the overlap. Remember that a narrower exposure will result in more significant overlap and may require more siding material.


Close up of FasciaFascia

Fascia is the board that runs horizontally under the roofline. Fascia caps the edges of the rafters and holds gutters in place.


Cross section of insulated vinyl sidingR-Value

R-value is a measure of a product’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance. Choose insulated vinyl siding for exceptional R-value performance.


Close up of SoffitSoffit

Sofft is the section where the exterior walls meet the roofline of a house and sits under the roof overhang. The soffit can be vented and solid to encourage airflow while protecting your home.



Close up of white exterior trimTrim

Trim can effectively frame and accentuate exterior windows, doors and architectural details. Trim and decorative accents can add a finishing touch to your renovation or new build.



Once you’ve brushed up on your siding terminology, browse our high-quality siding products and find a reputable contractor to assist with your project