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Visualize Your Dream Home with AI Technology

When it comes to home design, envisioning your dream space is now easier than ever, thanks to the revolutionary integration of AI technology. Renoworks recently launched Renoworks AI Gen 2, a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) image recognition and visualization technology. Window and door AI auto-recognition technology empowers homeowners to transform their homes effortlessly. Let’s explore how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way you can visualize and design your dream home.

1. Seamless Design Exploration

By simply uploading an image of your home exterior to the  Renoworks Alside Visualizer, you can instantly start designing. For example, click on your front door and instantly start visualizing different styles of doors, hardware, and sidelites. The AI system makes it easy to jump into designing, allowing you to select windows and choose your desired style. In a few clicks, you can share your personalized design with the manufacturer, dealer, or retailer, streamlining the entire purchase and installation process.

2. The Power of AI Recognition Technology

AI and machine learning image-recognition technologies, such as Google Vision and Amazon Rekognition, have paved the way for an estimated $38.9 billion image-recognition market. Renoworks takes this a step further with its window and door AI auto-recognition technology, eliminating the need for users to prepare photos manually. The AI system automatically prepares the photo for design with no human intervention, allowing you to start visualizing your home’s transformation instantly.

3. Beyond Windows and Doors

Renoworks’ AI auto-recognition technology extends beyond windows and doors. Whether you’re considering siding, roofing, or other elements of your home’s exterior and interior, this technology provides a comprehensive solution. With the vast training material collected from millions of visualization experiences, Renoworks AI Gen 2 technology improves accuracy and efficiency in recognizing and enhancing all aspects of your home.

Curious about the possibilities for your dream home? Discover how Renoworks’ windows and doors AI auto-recognition solution can revolutionize your home design experience.