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5 Benefits of ASCEND Composite Cladding

ASCEND Composite Cladding combines the high-end beauty of natural wood with the proven strength and performance of composite material for great market value. Here are five impressive benefits of ASCEND Composite Cladding that will help boost the beauty, quality and value of your home:

1. On-trend Aesthetics 

ASCEND Composite Cladding meets the high-end aesthetics that today’s homeowners demand. ASCEND will transform your home with its 7” tall profile, designer-inspired color palette and authentic wood grain that is made to last. Use the Alside Visualizer to find an inviting ASCEND color palette for your home.

2. Affordability and Savings

Compared to alternative high-end siding materials such as fiber cement, composite cladding is an affordable option with extra benefits. ASCEND panels are lightweight and easy to install, enabling a more efficient project completion. Additionally, ASCEND has superior insulating properties with thermal protection that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and can help save money on heating and cooling costs.

3. Superior Strength and Performance 

ASCEND outperforms alternative materials with its durability, class A fire rating and more. ASCEND’s exclusive (GP)2 Technology is resistant to high winds of up to 180 mph, as well as moisture, termites, impact damage, dents, dings and abrasions.

4. Care-free Maintenance  

ASCEND’s virtually maintenance-free planks are fade-resistant and will never require painting or caulking. Occasionally rinse your home exterior with a garden hose to keep your ACEND Composite Cladding looking new.

5. Strong Warranty 

The exceptional performance of ASCEND Composite Cladding is backed by an industry-leading, non-prorated lifetime warranty that will not decline over time. This strong warranty comes with transferability provisions to assist with resale value.

Put your installer in touch with your nearest Alside distributor to update your home with siding and experience the benefits of ASCEND Composite Cladding.