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Alside Pro Shares Tips for National Home Improvement Month

Recently featured on Daytime for National Home Improvement Month, Alside’s Adam Copel shared his exterior home renovation expertise and ideas with viewers for enhancing the outside of a home.

Along with maintaining your lawn and garden, Copel shared these exterior tips to accomplish in May, National Home Improvement Month:

1. Clean Your Windows 

Windows are often overlooked when trying to boost curb appeal. Copel explained that windows also help homeowners view the outside world. Therefore, keeping your windows clean and well-maintained is important. Copel suggested washing window screens gently with a hose and using a sponge, soap and water to wipe the frame and tracks.

2. Consider a Full-Frame Window Replacement

If you need to replace your windows, consider an Alside Mezzo full-frame replacement. A full-frame replacement replaces the old window with a new ‘like-for-like’ window. The benefits of a full-frame replacement include a watertight seal for superior energy efficiency, more viewable glass, and a custom-made trim.

3. Upgrade to Composite Cladding

Composite cladding is one of Alside’s “hottest growing products,” Copel said. Composite cladding can provide homeowners with realistic easy-to-maintain woodgrain siding. Copel further explained that ASCEND Composite Cladding by Alside is easy to install and may boost house value when it comes time to sell.

Alside has specialized in exterior products for more than 75 years. Learn more about Alside window and cladding products at