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Vinyl Siding Thickness: Does it Matter or Not?

When looking into siding options for your home, its thickness is an important factor often overlooked. Thicker vinyl siding is generally more resilient and can better endure impact, weathering and more. Read on to find out more on why you should consider vinyl siding thickness before making a purchase decision.

The Benefits of Thicker Siding

Although thicker vinyl siding may come at a higher price point, its enhanced performance can be a worthwhile investment. Thicker vinyl siding typically has:

  • Greater strength, durability and insulating capabilities
  • Higher wind ratings and weather resistance
  • Increased rigidity and a smoother finish
  • Reduced noise transmission

How to Compare Siding Thickness

Keep in mind that a thickness of 0.035″ is the minimum standard when comparing vinyl siding products. Alside vinyl siding products range from 0.040” to 0.048” nominal thickness, which exceeds global ASTM standards:

Board & Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding 0.048”
Charter Oak 0.046”
Conquest Quality Vinyl Siding 0.040”
Coventry 0.042”
Odyssey Plus 0.044”
Williamsport Colonial Beaded Premium Vinyl Siding 0.044”


Consult a Professional

Ask your contractor for guidance on the right vinyl siding solution for your project. Once you have found a product that meets your needs, use the Alside Visualizer to experiment with siding styles and color palettes to create your dream design.