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What is Composite Cladding and How Does It Compare?

Composite cladding is making waves in the world of home renovations. While vinyl siding holds the spot for the most popular cladding in North America, composite cladding is increasing in popularity, offering an upscale alternative. Combining incredible beauty with high-end performance and easy installation, there are plenty of reasons to love composite cladding, specifically ASCEND by Alside. If you’re looking for style, durability and easy upkeep, composite cladding might be for you. Take a look at how it compares.

What is Composite Cladding?

Composite cladding can be made from an array of materials such as glass fibers, polymers, granite and polystyrenes. Its unique combination creates a strong, durable cladding that boasts first-rate performance. It delivers the architectural beauty of real cedar planks, but it never stains, rots or warps and doesn’t expand, regardless of weather conditions.

About ASCEND Composite Cladding

ASCEND Composite Cladding is a revolutionary solution that combines beauty, performance and easy installation for superb market value. With a tall profile and deep wood grain, ASCEND is available in 20 on-trend, fade-resistant colors that capture the high-end aesthetics today’s homeowners are looking for.

Maintaining its just-installed look for years to come, ASCEND requires minimal maintenance, including never needing a costly paint job. It’s backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, keeping that just-installed look for as long as it’s up, meaning you can sleep easy at night.

Watch this short clip from the Daytime TV Show with Danny New to learn more about why ASCEND is an excellent choice for your home’s exterior.

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How Does Composite Cladding Compare?

Engineered to outperform at every level, ASCEND Composite Cladding beats out fiber cement and vinyl siding in every important category.

ASCEND was recently named the “Most Innovative Building Material” by the National Association of Home Builders at its 2021 virtual edition of the International Builders’ Show. With more than 200 entries in six categories, the products were judged on their innovation, functionality, design and builder/consumer friendliness, highlighting what a gem ASCEND really is.

ASCEND is engineered with a combination of Glass-Reinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene. This technology was developed to achieve superior performance in wind load and impact resistance, workability and flame/smoke spread. It has a Class A Fire Rating, impressive thermal and impact resistance and superior wind load performance.

With so much to offer, be sure to consider ASCEND Composite Cladding for your next project!