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How to Color Coordinate Brick with Siding

When it comes to your facade, coordinating the colors of your brick and siding is an important design aspect to help create a cohesive look. While you may be presented with multiple ways to color-coordinate siding with brick, consider these four techniques to find a style to match your home aesthetic:

1. Color Match

Create a unified look by pulling a color that is in the brick and using it on the remainder of your home. Alternatively, paint the brick the same color as the siding to make the brick blend into the background. Add white trim and black shutters to tie it all together.

2. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Use a monochromatic color scheme and select colors one to two tones lighter or darker than the other. This technique can subtly differentiate between the materials. For example, create an inviting color palette with light gray bricks and dark charcoal siding.

3. Go Neutral

Use a neutral siding color such as crisp white or warm beige to achieve a classic look. If the siding is restricted to one section or wall of the home, use neutral-colored siding as a subtle accent. Continue with the same color in the gables. You can further elevate a classic brick and siding facade with shakes, scallops and natural wood detail.

4. Add Contrast

Make your siding and brick contrast against each other. Pick a bold-colored siding that makes the brick stand out. For example, pair red brick with navy-colored siding. Complete the look with black trim, window frames, and a black entry door.

Use the Alside Visualizer to compare these color combinations on your home and find the perfect exterior color palette.